Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 5
This is me with Robin Williams and David Duchovny. They were filming a movie in my neighborhood and daddy and I went over to say hello. When daddy asked if they would take a picture with me, Mr. Williams said that I looked like "Oscar Levant." I don't know who he is, but daddy said that he was a very short actor.
The next day daddy I and saw that Robin Williams was still filming in our neighborhood, so we brought over a photo for him and David Duchovny to sign. While we were there, Billy Crystal showed up. He has a really nice smile and was kind enough to take a picture with me. Daddy says that he has a children's book out now and that maybe we will get a copy of it.
Ewan McGregor is from Scotland. He was actually born near where my Mommy and Daddy and I stayed when we visited in 2003. He was filming a movie uptown and daddy knows the person who was giving him help with his accent so she helped us get a picture with him. He was very nice to hold me and he laughed when we showed him other pictures from the site.
My daddy and I happened to be near Bloomingdales when they were doing an outdoor concert with Harry Connick Jr. Well, after a fun concert (I love music and dancing!) We went inside and met Mr. Connick when he came in. There were lots of people around, but he was kind enough to pose with me.
Sadly, I have never been invited to the Playboy Mansion for a party (and I love parties!) That could be because when I met Hugh Hefner, all I could do was look at the pretty decorations around the store instead of even glancing at the two Playboy Bunnies sitting almost right behind me! Oh well, maybe when Hef sees this an invitation will be forthcoming.
Al Roker, from the Today Show, was filming a story at Artie's Deli, near where I live. My daddy and I were walking by and we stopped in to see what was going on. When we showed Mr. Roker our pictures, he was more thanhappy to pose with me. Personally, I think that I would make a great guest for the Today Show! Don't you?
I am a big fan of Elmo's World. I watch it ALL THE TIME!! So meeting Elmo himself was a big thrill for me. He was very friendly and he was so nice and soft, just like the Tickle Me Elmo that I have.
Jay Leno is the host of The Tonight Show and he is also the author of a children's book. (Hmmm, maybe I should write a book!) Daddy and I met him when he was doing a reading and book signing at a local book store. He was very funny and when I started "wimpering" a little he came over and made me laugh. I told you he was funny! Don't you think I would be fun as a guest on The Tonight Show? Me Too!
This is CNN reporter, Jeanne Moos. She did a very funny piece on me when I went to a CD signing for Danny Aiello. The piece is available to see on www.cnn.com under the More Video section. Jeanne is very funny and even played trains with me (I love Thomas the Tank Engine!). Lots of people saw her piece and have emailed me from around the world. I love getting emails and my daddy and I answer every one!
Not only is Danny Aiello a fine actor, but he is a singer too! My daddy knew this because he enjoyed Mr. Aiello's singing in a movie called "Once Around." Mr. Aiello has a new CD out and we went to the signing and met him. He was even in the CNN piece that Jeanne Moos put together. He tried to sing a song for me, but I was a little shy! But with nine grandchildren, he sure knows how to treat a kid!
This is Anderson Cooper from CNN. The piece that Jeanne Moos did ran during his show, and then daddy and I talked to him live in the studio. Daddy tried to get a picture of me with Mr. Cooper while we were on the air, but I wouldn't pose. After the show, though, we took one and here it is.
You would not believe how many people wanted me to say, "You're Fired!" when I met Donald Trump, but I know that he hates that. When we got to the front of the line, he did say, "Here's that kid I've heard about" and I said, "Hi Donald Trump." After we both glared at each other a bit, we glared at the camera and were able to give my daddy this picture.