Who is that with Jeremy?
Interesting Emails
This is my Interesting Emails Page. I have received many emails and can only print a few, but here are some that touched me or made me laugh!

I hope you enjoy them as well.

Your Pal, Jeremy

Hey Jeremy!
We are such huge fans of your website that we sometimes imitate your poses! We thought this one was exceptionally close so we decided you might want to see it! You're awesome Jerm, and we can't wait to see your newest pictures!

Sincerely, Jules and Britt

Hmmm, looks like me and Al Franken!

Why didn't I think of this when I was a stay at home mom? I thought I was supposed to be cleaning and cooking, washing and ironing! Figures a dad would make it a whole fun thing! Absolute dollbaby! Cool site.

Wilmington, NC (saw your website in the Wilmington Star News, AP story)

This is Irina.
My mom had me come and look at your pictures on the computer. I was really excited when I saw that you had met Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams), Mary Poppins, and the lady who was in Spiderman--and there were others, too! I kept running out of the room to watch a movie in the living room, but every time my mom found a new person she knew I'd know, I ran back in to look. I think you're really a cute kid, and I told my mom that if she went back to Russia for a brother or sister, I would want one that looked like you.

I think I saw you the other night when I got my soccer award. My mom snapped this picture and I think it looks a lot like you. It's a little fuzzy--sorry. My mom takes pictures ALL the time, but so far you're the most famous person I've been with beside Mickey Mouse the Easter Bunny. I think I'm a little bit famous, but maybe not. Who knows, though? Maybe I'm a Russian princess. My mom sometimes calls me the Tzarina Irina.

My mom said she'd spread the word about your website, and she said your dad could spread the word about mine (www.picturetrail.com/nickicita), if anyone happens to be interested. Good luck to you and I hope you get your picture taken with a lot more famous people. My mom and I will keep checking your site! You are welcome to keep checking mine.

That's all from me.

Your Pal, Irina

I will email your web site to all of my friends if you do me a favour. My sister works for a famous person and I would like it very much if you would visit her website and tell all your friends about it.

My sister is Nancy and she helps her friend at brightlightfoundation.net. I hope you will be able to pass this along to all your friends. I also hope you and your dad will be able to visit their place someday.