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Welcome To The "Plug" Page

As you know, my daddy and I have not puts ads on this site, or included links to other sites. Recently, however, I have received gifts from fans of my site and I wanted to share them with you and in doing so, "plug" these businesses. I hope that you will take a look at these gifts and then at the sites from which they were sent. I can tell you that these sites are run by very, very nice people.

Your Pal, Jeremy

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These are two magnets that were sent to me by the really nice folks at "Remember This, Remember That Magnets" They liked my pictures and said that they would look great on a magnet. My mommy and daddy sent them a JPEG and this is what they sent us. We put them right up on the fridge!

My mommy and daddy liked them so much that they are ordering more for my Grandparents!

You can reach them at www.magnetqueen.com or call them at (800) 248-5605.

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