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Hey Jeremy, my name is Kristy and I am an Army spouse stationed overseas. My husband is once again deployed, this time to Iraq. I just wanted to say thank you. Your pictures and comments on your website really lightened my day. I will come back to see your new pics or just to get a laugh when ever I need one. Please keep our family and the many others whose loved ones are in Armed Forces and dealing with many deployments in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a great life!!!


Hi, Jeremy! (and Dad)

I was there the day you had your picture taken with Hugh Jackman. I think your whole family will enjoy this other angle.

Keep having fun! Alma

Hello Jeremy!

I just wanted to say that you are a very beatiful and sweet little boy! I read about you in our swedish newspaper Aftonbladet (think it was that newspaper but i am not shore...) anyway, I read about you and then after that I had to klick me in on your homepage. It was so fun to see you with your happy little smile, together with all that wellknown people! I laughed too, when I saw you laughing on most of the photos!

You made me glad, you made my day. Keep up the good work and I think that some day, you are going to be a star yourself! And if you dont, you will have a very nice and funny memory from your earliest childhood. Thanks to your dad.

Now, take care, and I will look forward to see new pictures on your homepage.

Lots of hugs from
Jennie - a totally usual swedish 23 year old woman

2004-06-02 16:39:24.0
I saw him at turkey's national newspaper. he was soo cute with madonna! to his father:you should take him to Hollywood.I am serrious... Because i saw acting talent on his eyes! Please kiss him for me once and say hello from me.My name is emir. I would like to see him in Istanbul.By the way if you take him to Los Angeles you can find more talented people on the streets, i would like too see him with Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Arnold Schweizenneger, Joaquin Phoneix and Hilary Duff! However good luck, see you bye!

Looooot's of kissings to Jeremy from Heart of the World (Istanbul)

Note:Write me back please!

Hello Jeremy & Jeremy's dad! I enjoyed your site and schtick! As a gift, here is a poetic tribute from me to you! I would be honored for you to post it on your site! Please include my copyright as it appears below. Best wishes and enjoy!:

I'm too young to frequent bars! So instead dad & I go for walks & he takes pictures of me with the stars! Often we walk to the Barnes & Noble! By the way did you know that company's global?! There I schmoozed with Spike and Mrs. Lee! And others like Jamie Lee Curtis & Rosie O'Donnell I got to see! On the town I posed with Michael J. Fox! I tell you, that guy really rocks! While shopping one day we snapped Jerry Stiller! Gosh he's so funny, no wonder he's often top biller! I get away with all this cause I'm cute! And people seem to think it's a hoot! For all those we meet, it's a photo op! And a great way for me to be with my pop! We sure are having a ball! And I'm becoming the biggest celeb of em all!

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