Who is that with Jeremy?
Thomas Days Out
On Saturday, August 27th we went to Thomas Days Out in Upstate New York. I love Thomas, so you know I had a lot of fun! As a matter of fact, I had so much fun that we went to a Thomas Days out in Pennsylvania at the end of September! Here are some pictures from those fun days!
Here I am with Thomas the Tank Engine at Thomas Days Out in Arkville New York. This Thomas Days Out was being held at the Delaware & Ulster Railroad. The Delaware and Ulster is an excursion train that combines rail ride nostalgia with scenic rides through New York's legendary Catskill Mountains. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful place to visit!
Here I am with mommy while were were riding the rails. Thomas was pulling the train and we rode in some beautiful countryside for about half an hour.
When we got back, I got to meet Sir Topham Hatt. He runs the railroad on the Isle of Sodor where Thomas is from. He was viviting to make sure that everything went smoothly and that Thomas was being a "really useful engine."
I also saw some other trains. Here I am in front of the wheels of a very old Steam Engine. Look how big the are!
I even got to sit on the front of that Steam Engine, but don't worry, it was not moving!
Here is Thomas chuffing along in Strasburg Pennsylvania at the famous Strasburg Rail Road.
What was really cool is that here, Thomas is a real Steam Engine!
I had lots of fun riding the train in the beautifully detailed cars. Just like people rode the rails years ago.
I got to ride some rails myself, though they were much smaller rails.
Speaking of smaller rails, mommy and daddy and I got to ride The Cagney. Built around 1920, this miniature steam train was originally used at an amusement park. Here I am with Mike, the Engineer.
Thomas was foremost on my mind, though and I got to see him all overe. Here is a shot that shows you that he is a Stream Engine. Watching him chuff down the tracks was a huge thrill for me, cause you know that I love Thomas!
It is fitting that my last shot on this page is in a caboose. We got to ride this car up and down the rails and see how trainmen used to ride the rails when they still used a caboose. Ahh, those were the days!
That was a bit of Thomas Days Out. I can't wait until we go next year!!