Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy's First Day of School · September 13, 2005
Well, it had to happen sometime. Today was my first day of school. Daddy brought the camera along and took some pictures (It was only an hour!) and here they are.
OK, my big plan was to sleep in, but then daddy came in and reminded me that it was my first day of school!
Here I am outside my school with my mommy and daddy. Big smiles on my first day!
The closest that daddy could get to the classroom was just outside the door. (They don't allow cameras in the classrooms as it can scare some kind) so we took a picture outside the door. My door was easy to find because the drawing on the outside had the names of all the kids in my class. My name is on the bottom right and it was easy to find. I just looked for the J-E-R-E-M-Y.
After school, daddy let me have a snack! I ate a sprinkle-covered donut! Boy, after a whole hour of preschool that really hit the spot.
As I was eating, I saw my friend Lily from class. She and I ran around a bit and I am not sure, but I think that she likes me.