Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy Shoots a TV Commercial · September 14, 2005
Hi. Wow, what an exciting day. I got cast in a commercial promoting Ride-Along Thomas the Tank Engine Trains and today was the day we shot it. I had to get up at 5:30am (But I went to sleep VERY early the night before) After a short drive we were in Orangeburg New York where the shoot took place.
Here I am on the set, very early in the morning. I was amazed at all of the people and equipment it takes ti make a commercial, but more than that, I was amazed at how much fun I had on the Ride-Along Thomas the Tank Engine!
There was a lot of rehearsing to get things just right. I worked a lot with Amy (In the brown shirt) who helped me point at the right time and made things run smoothly.
We worked lots and lots!
It takes a lot to get a commercial just right and we worked hard. Hopefully, I will end up in the final cut. They shots lots of different shots with lots of kids. Just keep watching TV and see if you see me!
This is Bailey, one of the other kids in the commercial. He was a lot of fun to play with and he worked really, really hard! His mom is the lady in the white shirt and brown skirt next to the tracks in the pictures above.
Imagine coming in and seeing this! and I couln't play with them until we were shooting! Talk about tempting!!!! By the way, you can find these this holiday season at Toys R Us. Maybe I will get one.
When I was not working I was playing with trains. Here I am with Duke, my newest Thomas train. I had a long day, but one that I will remember for a long time!
This was my first TV commercial and it was a lot of fun. The fact that it was for Thomas the Tank Engine just made it all the better! I hope that come this holiday season you will be able to see me on your TV!