Who is that with Jeremy?
My First Cruise
Hi! My mommy and daddy and I just got back from our vacation, a cruise to the Bahamas on the ship Norwegian Dawn. We had lots of fun swimming, visiting places and making new friends, I even met a pirate! Well, here are some pictures so you can see for yourself!
This is The Norwegian Dawn, the ship that we were on. It was huge and had lots of stuff to do! There was a movie theater, several restaurants, several jacuzzis, a fitness center and a saltwater pool. They even had a kids pool just for kids like me.
This is me with my mom and dad as we set off from New York. I am keeping my head down because the captain had just blown the horn and I got scared!
Ahhhhhhh! relaxing by the pool. I had to wear a lot of sunscreen but had lots of fun swimming with my mom and dad.
This is me and my dad in one of the jacuzzis. They would not let me go in by myself, but with mom or dad I was fine. I had fun, but boy can it get warm!
This is me with Rob, the Assistant Cruise Director. He, along with Colin Kerr, the Cruise Director and their terrific staff all worked hard to make sure that my mom and dad and I had a lot of fun. There were trivia contests, dance parties, game shows, a talent show and lots, lots more! I don't know how these people get by without an afternoon nap!
This is me with the Captain, the big man on the ship and I mean big! Captain Niklas Peterstam stands six feet five inches tall! We were lucky enough to get invited up to the bridge to see how the ship is run and it was very cool. It sort of looks like a huge computer game, but my mommy and daddy asured me that it was much, much harder. The Captain was very nice and showed us great hospitality! You know how much I love trains? Well, ships are now a very close second!!!
When we docked at Port Canaveral, my mommy and daddy and I went over to Cocoa Beach for a little surf and sand. While we looked, we did not find any Jeanies, but did have a lot of fun! Here is my mommy making sure that I did not get knocked over by a wave.
Here i am getting ready to hang ten while shooting a curl. No, I am just kidding. It was a cutout that you stand in, but I bet I had you fooled, didn't I?
Back on the ship, there was lots for me to do. I was a member of the "Kids Crew," a kind of playgroup so that our mommies and daddies could go off and have fun alone. We dressed up as Pirates, had an Un-Birthday Party, a Pajama Party and played Blues Clues. Here I am dressed up as Blue. Don't I look cute?
I made lots of friends on the cruise, but Melissa was the nicest. She and her brother Nicholas were always so kind to me and I had lots of fun whenever I saw them.
When we arrived in Miami, mom and dad and I went over to Parrot Jungle Island. When we arrived I got to hold a Parrot and they put some on my mom and dad! One of the parrots ate a button off of dad's shirt!
Here I am petting a baby alligator. It was only after daddy took this picture that they told me how many sharp teeth alligators have! But I was not scared at all.
There weren't just parrots at Parrot Jungle Island. Here I am about to kiss a "kid." That is the name for a baby goat. He had little horns just starting to come up from his head and was very sweet.
Some people are scared of snakes, but not me. Here I am with a boa constrictor. This picture was taken just after the reptile show where we saw lots of snakes, alligators, tortises and other reptiles. I wanted to take this one home, but mom and dad said no!
The big thrill of the afternoon was the mammal show. We saw chimps, orangutans and this baby tiger.They let me pose with him and asked that I remind you that the folks at Parrot Jungle Island fight to preserve wildlife. If you want to help, just click on Tiger Friends and tell them that Jeremy sent you!
When we arived in the Bahamas, we went to Norwegian Cruise Line's private island, Great Stirrup Cay. Boy was this a treat. The sand was white and fine and the water was warm and so clear that you could even see your feet on the bottom. I even saw fish swimming around me! I also played on a raft and with some other kids on the beach. I wore lots and lots of sunscreen and did not get burned at all. I hope that when I get older I can have a private island too!
Our last stop was in Nassau in the Bahamas. We did not get to spend a lot of time there, but we had fun in the time that we had.
Here I am at Pirana Joe a fun shop in Nassau. This was a great shop where we got some cool tropical outfits for me. You should check it out!
We also went on a city tour and a tour of The Pirate Museum. Here I am with "Pirate Joe" one of the meanest Pirates to ever lead a Pirate tour! He told us all about the history of Pirates and showed us some gruesome things, but he didn't scare me. I knew that he was a big softy and he was funny too!
I wanted to leave you with this picture of a gull that was flying next to the ship one day. It was so peaceful and beautiful that I just thought I had to share it with you!
Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures of my vacation. It was a lot of fun and I hope that one day I will get a chance to go on another cruise, maybe even another Norwegian Cruise Line cruise!