Who is that with Jeremy?
Meeting New Friends
I am very lucky that I have heard from so many people from around the world. I am luckier stil that some of them get a chance to come to New York. Here are a few of the nice people that have seen my website and during a trip to New York, have stopped off to meet me!
This is me with my friends Robbie and Ginger. They came up from South Carolina and Robbie, who is a fan of my site, wanted to meet me. We met after camp by the fountains at the Museum of Natural History on one of the hottest days of the year. Robbie gave me a really great book about South Carolina called, "P is for Palmetto" which I really enjoy. I am so lucky having such nice friends!
This is Jennifer. She and her friend Lori were visiting from Orlando and taking photos down by the Battery here in New York when I happened by. They thought that I was cute and Lori took a picture of me and Jennifer. They sent it to me so I thought that I would post it on my site!
This is me with my newest friend, Ryley. Ryley is from San Francisco and loves Thomas The Tank Engine too! His mommy created Babyjellybeans.com the site that hosts my website! We met after Ryley and his mommy and daddy went to the Museum of Natural History and then we all walked through Central Park. We had lunch at the boathouse then went for a ride on The Central Park Carousel . We tried to go to FAO Schwarz, but they were closed. We had lots of fun and Ryley is a cool kid. I hope that I will get a chance to visit him in San Francisco one day!
Here is a shot of all of us hanging out. I promise you, I had nothing to drink, even though my eyes look red. I hope that I will be able to meet up with Tami and her friends in 2006!
Last year I received an email from Tami in Hazlett, Texas. It seems that every year she and a group of friends come to New York to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Well, she wanted to know if I might be available to come and meet her and her friends. Having never been to a bar, I said, "Sure." So, daddy and I trekked through the crowded canyons of New York to a really packed pub and met Tami and her very cool friends! When we got there she gave me an early Birthday present, this stunning black cowboy hat! All the way from Texas! That was a very neat way to say Howdy!
This is me with Suzanne, Larry and their sons Calvin and Clay. I am wearing My Jenks Football Jersey, you can read more about them at Jenks Football
Around Thanksgiving I received an email from Suzanne Downey who lives near Tulsa, Oklahoma. She and her family were coming to New York because the school chorus, which her husband heads up, was going to be in the Macy's Parade and they wanted to know if they could meet me! (You can learn more about their chorus at Jenks Vocal Even though it was rainy, my daddy and I went to their hotel and met them all! Suzanne gave me a great "Jenks" football jersey (see the next picture) and I played and played with her sons, Calvin and Clay. The next day my mommy and daddy and I wentto the Macy's Parade. It was a ton of fun and the chorus, part of "America Sings" was spectacular!