Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 12
Recently, when dad and I were in the Times Square area, picking up tourist information for a cousin coming to New York, we saw a small crowd of people. We walked over to check it out and were told that Jamie Foxx was coming down to his car after an appearance on MTV's TRL. We waited about 10 minutes (in the shade) and then out came Mr. Foxx. He signed autographs for lots of people, but sadly people kept pushing and shoving. He was very kind and held me while daddy took a picture.
Later, that same day, we went up to The Bronx Zoo, where we are members. Mommy met us and since it was one of the Zoo's Members' Nights, we got to ride the rides and do lots of stuff for free! Here I am on the new Bug Carousel. It was a lot of fun and I love anything that spins fast! I have been to The Bronx Zoo several times now and always have lots and lots of fun!
My very best friend Eli and I visited the Black River & Western Railroad in Flemington, New Jersey. Here is a shot of me with Mike, the conductor. He was great and told us all about the history of the trains we were riding.
I enjoyed looking out the window at the beautiful countryside as we went from Flemington to Ringos and back again. Each way is about a half hour.
Eli and I both got t-shirts and I got a magnet as well as a train postcard. Here you can see us on the back of the train while we were in the station.
It was a great day, as you can see from the reflection of the clouds in this picture, and Eli and I (as well as dad and Eli's mom, Ceci) had lots of fun!
Mom and dad and I were out when we ran across a small street fair connected with the New York International Latino Film Festival. Among the booths was one from Amtrak! Well, of course I had to visit because, if you did not know, I LOVE TRAINS!!!! The people there could not have been nicer and I was even wearing my "Got Steam?" shirt! They gave me an Amtrak photo holder and a Thomas The Tank Engine DVD! And, if you did not know, I LOVE THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE!!! Mom and dad have promised me that we will ride Amtrak one day and maybe even go on the Acela Train to Washington D.C. That would be really cool. As I always say, you never know who you will see on the streets of New York! Thank you Amtrak people!
Well, you really don't know who you will see on the streets of New York! Daddy and I were walking down Broadway when we saw a film crew from a movie called "Kettle of Fish." It turns out the star is Matthew Modine who starred in the movie Private School with my dad! Matthew was very happy to see my daddy and they talked for a while. Daddy asked Matthew if he would pose with me and Matthew picked me up and put me on his shoulders for a picture. I thought he was just getting me closer to the tree so I could grab it!
After that, I thought it would be fun to climb on Matthews head! Normally, I just put one picture of me with someone, but daddy thought that this one was too cute!
This is me with Ulysses S. Dee of the group, The Deedle Deedle Dees. They were performing at Madison Square Park as part of the park's 2005 Kids Performances. They played for about an hour and I danced most of the time and it was really, really hot! After one of the songs, Ulysses asked a question and I answered right and he gave me a copy of the groups debut CD, Let It Dee.
After the show, Ulysses signed my CD and I posed with the whole band. (L-R Ulysses S. Dee, Booker Dee, Innocent Dee and Otto Von Dee) They really rocked out. All the kids were dancing and most of the grown-ups too! If you get a chance to, check them out - tell them that Jeremy sent you!
Daddy and I were in Times Square for the opening of the new Hard Rock Cafe. To mark the opening The Hard Rock had employees and celebrities smash 100 guitars - don't worry, daddy said that I should never smash a guitar at home! After that event we went inside. I saw Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys, but did not get a picture. But we did see Steve Van Zant who you may know as Silvio on The Sopranos or guitarist for The E Street Band or as host of Little Steven?s Underground Garage. My daddy has met Steven many times and he was very friendly, even telling me to call him, "Uncle Stevie." I hope that I can go to The Hard Rock Cafe with mommy and daddy. It was a lot of fun today and I am sure will have really good food!
Maybe I should be a newscaster! This is me with Penny Crone from Fox 5 News in New York. A friend of my dads asked us to come to a press event at The Children?s Museum of Manhattan and it was broadcast during Fox's morning show, Good Day New York. Penny used me in a segment and let me play with the microphone. I even learned how to say "Fox 5: What New Yorkers Watch!"
After the museum, we went down to Madison Square Park to see that really cool band, Ralph's World. It was a really neat concert and everyone was very close. I even got to go up on stage and dance with the band! How cool was that? If you have not discovered Ralph's World, I suggest that you check them out as soon as you can!
My mommy and daddy and I went to Shea Stadium to see The New York Mets play the Washington Nationals. It was my first Mets game and I got my picture on the scoreboard in my brand new Mets t-shirt. Sadly, the Mets lost, but I had a lot of fun. After the game all the kids who wanted to lined up outside the centerfield fence and we were led in and allowed to run the bases! Daddy went with me around the bases and took this photo of me with Mr. Met between second and third base! It was very excitin and the stadium looks very, very big when you are on the field. So, now I have been to a Yankees game and a Mets game. I am getting to be a real New York sports fan!
No, Richard Gere is not kidnapping me! He was in our neighborhood filming a movie called The Hoax which is being directed by Lasse Hallström. My daddy and I walked over to Central Park where they were rehearsing a scene and when they were done he asked Mr. Gere if he would take a picture with me. He was about to get into his car, but said yes. He has a very nice smle and it shows you how nice people can be.
I went to New Hope, Pennsylvania with my best friend Eli to ride on the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad. This is me on "Number 40", a real steam engine, with the engineer, Chris. Chris was nice enough to let us up into the cab before the ride to see what being an engineer is like. Let me tell you, it is dirty work. There was coal and coal dust everywhere! But as warm as the cab of the steam engine gets, I stil think that it is a pretty cool job!
Even though they told us not to lean out the windows, daddy leaned out to make sure that everything was clear and took this picture of me along our trip. The whole trip lasted an hour and was a blast for us!
Here I am with my best friend, Eli. He is as big a train fan as I am. Daddy stuck the camera out of the window to take this picture and you can see how is captures the awe we felt just riding along. This was our first trip on a real steam engine. The noise, the steam, the whistle. WOW, Eli and I were in 7th heaven. I know that there are lots of trains to visit around the country, but I am just 3 1/2 years old. Don't worry though, I have lots of time!
I had to show you a picture of Number 40 and tel you a little about the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad. Incorporated in 1962 as Steam Trains, Inc. by a group of Philadelphia area railroad enthusiasts and businessmen, this private venture searched for a local trackage and acquired vintage railroad equipment in order to start their own tourist railroad, a trend which swept the country at that time. After investigating a number of area railroad rights-of-way, in 1996 the group obtained the northern 16.7 miles of the Reading Company's New Hope Branch in central Bucks County for a price of about $200,000. Using a former Canadian National steam locomotive and seven steel suburban passenger coaches, the new for-profit company was christened as the "New Hope and Ivyland Railroad" (NHIR) in honor of the villages situated at either end of the line. The Victorian New Hope station, freight house and boarding platform were refurbished, the tracks were rebuilt, and steam passenger service resumed in 1991 using 2-8-0 No. 40 and five vintage passenger coaches. It is a lot of fun and I hope you will visit too!