Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 11
This is Peter Himmelman . My daddy saw him perform in 1994 in Los Angeles and while he still does grown up records, he also does kids cds and shows. We went to one sponsored by Time Out New York Kids at the Knitting Factory. It was lots of fun - I was dancing around for almost an hour! He even made up and sang a song about me called "Purple Dancing Cheerios with Milk Boy." Cool huh? We have his CD "My Lemonade Stand" but he also has two other kids cds called "My Best Friend is a Salamander" and "My Fabulous Plum" which I am sure that we will get!. Click on his name and you can listen to some of his songs on his website.
Some of my favorite music is my mom and dads favorite as well and this is a perfect example. This is Al Jardine guitarist from the Beach Boys who has been making records since 1964! I went to Books of Wonder to hear him sing the song 'Sloop John B' from his new book of the same name. It was really cool and he also did a sing-a-long of a famous Beach Boys song, Barbara Ann. He was really nice and his book publisher, Milk & Cookies Press served all the kids (and grown-ups) milk and cookies! All in all I had Fun, Fun, Fun and got some Good Vibrations from this book!
This is me with Ralph Covert of the great kids group, Ralph's World . I saw them as part of Target Days here in New York with my mom and dad and also bought my 2nd Ralphs World CD, 'The Amazing Adventures of Kid Astro!' which is a blast!!! I had seen the band last year, but I was just a kid back then. Now I can surf in my imagination and almost spell C O F F E E. They are a great band and I would highly reccommend them if they are coming to your town.
Here I am with my best friend, Eli, on the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island. We had lots of fun, eating Hot Dogs at Nathan?s and playing on the beach.
We also went on the train at Astroland - a no-brainer if you know me well enough - I LOVE TRAINS!
One of the best parts of the day was riding the subway to and from Coney Island. The subway goes outside on the way to Coney Island and Eli and I loved looking out the windows at the different neighborhoods of Brooklyn as we passed by!
Daddy took me to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Located on the West Side, this Aircraft Carrier is a great museum. I loved playing around the planes that they have on display and tried my hand at landing on a flight deck. I think I need more practice.
My daddy took me down to Pennsylvania to a place called Roadside America. This was super cool! Besides trains, Roadside America has lots of buttons to push to make things move. I also loved the Night Pagent, when the lights go down and the town lights up like it was nighttime.
On the way back home we stopped at the The Crayola Factory . Besides getting to play with lots of markers, crayons, stamps and other Crayola products, I saw some of the biggest crayons I had ever seen. I could never hold these crayons!
I also travelled out to Queens, to The Queens Museum of Art to see the Panorama of New York City. It is a must see if you are coming to New York. Right behind the museum is The Unisphere , left over from the 1964 World's Fair. I had never seen a globe so big. It was very neat, but they would not let me go in the pool that surrounds the Unisphere.
Summertime and the living is easy, made easier by eating ICE CREAM!! Daddy and I went back to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade . While it was a lot of un, the best part for me was getting to eat ice-cream on a hot day! I would strongly suggest that you do the same.
Over the July 4th weekend, I went to Washington DC for a wedding. I was very happy to get to ride the Metro. Here I am in awe of the cool, clean, fast and quiet trains.
In Washington, we met some of mommy and daddy's friends, Anne and Patrick. Patrick let me ride on his shoulders for most of the day. My daddy was very happy.
I got to see The Lincoln Memorial . It was very big. I don't know if this is true, but someone told my dad the man who made the memorial made it so that Lincoln's fingers spell out "A" and "L" in sign language. Just a little trivia.
We also went to The National Zoo . Here I am and if you look of the left side of the picture you can see one of the Giant Pandas that the Zoo has. I enjoyed the Pandas and the other animals that I got to see.
I also got a Monkey mask at the Zoo and here I am with two friends, a lion and a panda, scaring passers-by.
No July 4th weekend would be complete without fireworks. We made it home in time to see the Macy?s Fireworks down on the East River. There were almost 30 minutes of fireworks lighting up the sky and it was quite the sight. I enjoy fireworks and hope that one day that someone will make a DVD of a cool fireworks display like this one.
This is me with John Schnatter, founder and head of Papa John?s Pizza . Well, they recently opened a Papa John's in my neighborhood and it turns out it is the company's 3000th store so there was a BIG celebration. They were giving out free pizza (Which was YUMMY!) free Coca Cola Zero, t-shirts and coupons. They even had a blow-up fort to bounce in and a big slice of pizza walking around saying hello to everyone. It rained at first, but then it cleared up and it was a great party. Mr Schnatter, who founded Papa John's in 1984, was inside the store making pizza himself and was nice enough to come over to take a picture with me. As for the pizza? I had two slices and know that I will be having plenty more!
If you are of a certain age, you might remember the TV show "Head of the Class." Well, my daddy sure does and he also remembers Khrystyne Haje one of the stars of that show. We bumped into her on the Great Lawn in Central Park where we went to hear the New York Philharmonic perform. It turns out that daddy knew her from Los Angeles when he was an actor. Again, this shows you what a small world New York really is! It was a very hot night, but meeting Khrystyne made it really cool!
Daddy and I went with my friend Eli and his mom to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. We went down early and spent the whole day there. Here I am with Grover. We went on lots and lots of water rides - a great way to keep cool in the summer heat - and saw lots of Sesame Street characters! Eli and I fell asleep about 5 minutes after leaving the park and slept the whole way home. It was a very fun and very tiring day!