Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 10
This is the author and photographer, William Wegman and one of his beautiful Weimaraners, Bobbin. They were doing a book signing at a great store here in New York called Books of Wonder. You should really check them out at www.booksofwonder.com. His newest book is called "Dressing Batty," but my mommy and daddy thought that I might make too much of a mess of that one, so they bought an earlier book called "Wegmanology." I got kisses from a couple of his dogs - there were three at the store - and this picture as a souvenir.

This is me dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine (I told you I was a Thomas fan!) out and about on Halloween. My mommy and daddy and I went trick or treating around our neighborhood and in our building. I got lots of treats, but mommy and daddy are only letting me have one piece a day! I told them to give me more but they told me, those are the rules!

Well once again, you never know who you are going to meet walking around New York. This is me with actor, Brian Stokes Mitchell, who I met while walking up Broadway to a Halloween party. For those of you who don't know him, he was in "Kiss Me Kate" and "The Man of La Mancha." He was also just elected President of the Actor's Fund and has an upcoming CD called "I Take Requests!!" He has a lovely wife, a one year old son and a year and a half old dog named Digity Dog! You can learn more about him at his site, www.brianstokes.com .
As I have always said, you never know who you will meet on the streets of New York! This is me with some of The World Famous Radio City Rockettes. They were down at Macy's for the unveiling of the windows featuring scenes from the movie, "Polar Express." You know how much I love trains, right? Well they had a HUGE train right on Broadway that brought the Rockettes down to Macy's and their windows had really cool scenes from the movie too. I am sure that Polar Express will be great!
Robert Zemeckis might be great behind the camera, but he is a little scary when it comes to holding kids. He was at the unveiling of the "Polar Express" windows at Macy's and he "directed" the countdown. If you are in New York, you should really see the windows as they are animated and are really, really cool. I also met one of the producers of the movie who said that they made this movie for people just like me! Since it had trains in it, I really believe they did - and I can't wait to see it.
My mommy and daddy tell me tht when I get older they will let me watcha movie called "Star Wars." Daddy says that I will see Carrie Fisher then and I will probably have a big crush on her! We met her at a book signing for her latest book and she was very sweet to me...I didn't even know that she was a Princess!
This is Joe from Blues Clues, one of my favorite TV shows on Noggin. I love watching Joe and Blue solve the clues. I think that the show is just fun, but daddy says that I am learning stuff too! I guess that makes it even more fun.
Tina Fey is the head writer and co-anchor of Weekend Update on the TV Show Saturday Night Live. I have never seen it, but daddy says that it will most likely still be around when I am in High School and that I can watch it then. Daddy says that Tina is a very funny lady and that she also wrote a great movie called "Mean Girls." Daddy says that I also can't watch that till I am older.
"How'm I doing?" That is what former Mayor of New York Ed Koch always asked when he was Mayor. Now he just smiled and spoke to my daddy when we went to The Children's Museum for a signing of his new kids book, "Eddie, Harold's Little Brother." It is a cute book and "Eddie" is the third New York Mayor that I have met!
My daddy was actually in a movie with Gene Wilder, so it was a no-brainer go to Barnes and Noble for his book, "Kiss Me Like a Stranger." There are no pictures of him and my daddy, but you can see them together in the movie, "The Woman in Red."
My mommy and daddy are always calling me a little monkey but this is the first Monkee that I have met. Micky Dolenz was in the group The Monkees and was at Grand Central Station to promote the launch of the new Grand Central Station Website. Knowing how I love trains this made a fun visit. While we were there we got a Grand Central Station mousepad and an MTA Subway Placemat. Very cool!
If you ever listen to National Public Radio, then you mght have Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion. But, did you know that he was a children's author? Well, he is and we met him signing his new book, "Daddy's Girl" at the great bookstore, Books of Wonder. He was really nice to all the people there and speaks in a wonderful voice. They had juice and cupcakes too which made it lots of fun for me and the other kids as well.
Many of you, including my mom and dad, have seen the TV show, "Seinfeld." Well, Jason Alexander, who plays George, is not just an actor, or a singer or a dancer, but he is an author too! (and a daddy!) He has a new book out from Scholastic called "Dad, Are You The Tooth Fairy?" While my daddy says that I am a few years away from needing the tooth fairy, we did go to the book singing at Borders and met Mr. Alexander. He was very nice and said that he missed his kids a lot (what a nice guy!) We also met the illustrator, Ron Spears, who was nice enough to sign my book as well. I hope that you check out this book as it is not only fun to read (or have read to you) but it is beautifully drawn!
Not all of my photos are with movie stars or authors. Here I am with Staten Island Senator, John Marchi. The reason for this picture is that the newest Staten Island Ferry, The John J. Marchi was dedicated on May 20th and my daddy and I went to the ceremonies. I even got a cool new hat from The New York City Department of Transportation . Mayor Bloomberg was there as well as lots of City and State dignitaries. The new ferryboat is really sleek and clean. I look forward to riding it again when my mom and dad and I go to see the Staten Island Yankees !
By the way, here is a shot of me in front of the Ferryboat, Sen. John J. Marchi. If you are in New York, you really should take the Staten Island Ferry. It's free and Staten Island is a great place to visit! Just tell them that Jeremy sent you.
This is me with author and photographer, Arlene Alda . She is the author of many wonderful books for kids (and adults too!) and daddy and I saw her at a book signing for her new book, "The Book of ZZZs" at that great New York bookstore, Books Of Wonder. I am lucky enough to have a number of her books and even a framed poster of her work. She is so nice! My daddy went to school with one of her daughters and her granddaughter was at my third birthday party! The minute my daddy saw the book he said that it would very quickly become a regular in my bedtime reading. I hope that you like it too!
Did you know that they have appearances at the Disney store? Well they do and when daddy and I went to pick out some birthday presents I got to meet some of them. Here is a picture of me with Tigger. I can bounce almost as high as he can. He didn't talk too much, but he made me laugh!
Here I am posing with Winnie the Pooh. I told him that I saw his movie (The Heffalump Movie) and that I like honey too. He put his hand over his mouth and laughed. Daddy laughed too and we all had a fun day. This is a store I will come back to again!
I have met actors and politicians but here I am with a man who walked on the moon! The man on the right is Buzz Aldrin , the second man to walk on the moon. He was signing his new book, "Reaching for the Moon" . The other man is Wendell Minor who drew the pictures for the book - and they are really nice. As much as I like trains, I think rockets are cool too and so is this book.
As I always say, you never know who you will run into in New York! After seeing an exhibit called "Ashes and Snow" with daddy we went nearby to the Chelsea Marketplace for a treat. After I ate a brownie daddy and I were suprised to see Mayor Bloomber walking along the hall and we had to get a picture. It turns out he was doing an interview in the same building! As you may, or may not, know, I met Mayor Bloomberg before, but I was not as happy as I am here. As for Mayor Bloomber, he was nice, but still does not look comfortable holding kids!