Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 9
This is the actor, Chris Meloni. He plays Elliot Stabler on "Law and Order: SVU". They were filming in our neighborhood and my daddy and I stopprd by to say hello. My mommy and daddy enjoyed Chris when he was on the TV show "OZ", though on that show he played a man in prison. In this show he plays a man who sends people to prison. Daddy says that prison is like having a very long time-out. I hope I never have to do that - I hate time-outs!
This is me (with Toby the Tram Engine) and Mariska Hargitay and Dann Florek. They act on "Law & Order: SVU" as well. Talk about small worlds, my daddy worked with Dann Florek at Kenyon Festival Summer Theater, a summer theater on the campus where my daddy went to school. He also knew Mariska Hargitay in Los Angeles where they went to a Bruce Springsteen concert together. It turns out that she is still a big Bruce Springsteen fan, as is my dad! Daddy said that it was great to see them and for me, it was fun to meet them all.
f you know the HBO show, ?The Sopranos,? then you know that this is me with Michael Imperioli, who plays Christopher and Vincent Pastore who plays ?Big Pussy,? but did you know that they are both voices in the new DreamWorks movie, ?Shark Tale?? Well, they are, and I met them at a promotion for the movie at Macy?s here in New York. I also got a signed poster, some cool ?Shark Tale? books, some ?Shark Tale? tattoos (that is a fish on my arm) and a pass to a screening of the movie! My daddy and I are going to go because even though they are on the Sopranos, a show I can?t watch yet, this is an offer that I can?t refuse.
My mommy and daddy belive in America and in doing your part. That is why my daddy took me to meet former Vermont Governer and former Presidential Candidate, Howard Dean. Dean was at Barnes and Noble to promote his new book, "You Have The Power." He spoke for a bit then answered some questions, but I was running around in the back at that point. We went back when he started signing his book. He liked my shirt, which reads, "Save The Trees, Not The Bushes" and signed my book to me (we were told that he was not personalizing) and was nice enough to pose for a picture. Many people like my shirt. You can buy one too, by going to this site: www.shaynakulik.com/trees.html . Who knows, maybe after reading his book, I will run for public office!
Those who know me and my site, know that I had a picture taken with Spike Lee back before I turned 1 year old. Well, when I found out that he was filming a new series for "N" (That is the Noggin channel after 6pm) on the street where my aunt and uncle live, I just had to go. Spike was very nice to pose with me between seting up shots and I even got to say hello to his wife, and author, Tonya. While I was there I met a woman from Noggin (did I tell you how much I love Noggin? It's like pre-school, but on TV!) Who knows, maybe one day I will have a TV show on Noggin!
Since I was little- I am a Big Boy now! - my mommy and daddy have played me wonderful films like "Mary Poppins" and "The Sound of Music." Well, today I got to meet Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp all in one when I met Julie Andrews! Besides being an Oscar winning actress, she is also an author with her daughter, Emma. We bought some of her books at a New York book fair and met her a a booth sponsored by Target. We had to wait until the signing was over to take this picture and I think I may have smiled too big, but I know this is one picture I will always remember!
This is the actress, Patricia Clarkson. We met her in Washington Square Park while we were at New York is Book Country. She was walking her dog, which my daddy and I admired, and when she spoke my daddy recognized her voice. I have not seen her work, but mommy and daddy have seen her in a number of things, most memorably, "The Station Agent." She was very kind to stop and pose with me showing, once again, how nice people can be!
Every once in a while, you have to stop and smell the flowers, especially if the flower was given to you by actress and singer, Minnie Driver. Daddy and I went to see her perform at J&R Music World here in New York. Her new album, "Everything I've Got In My Pocket" on Trampoline Records (www.trampolinerecords.com), came out on 10/5/04 and is very good! She sang 4 songs and then signed autographs, took pictures and gave me this lovely rose! Look how sweetly she is looking at me! Matt Damon and Josh Brolin, eat your hearts out!
This morning I got up very early to be on ABC's Good Morning America with daddy. This picture shows me with (l-r) Tony Perkins, Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer and Bill Weir. Everyone was very nice to me and I got to wear a microphone! Even though I had fun, all I really wanted to do was look out the window and watch the cars and trucks and buses go by. A little later, daddy got a picture of Diane Sawyer showing me the cool stuff outside the window!
This is me with Diane Sawyer, host of ABC's Good Morning America. After we were on the show, she was nice enough to pick me up and show me what was outside in Times Square. It was very cool to see all of the lights and cars and buses. I even saw a "Goldfish" truck. I love to eat goldfish! My daddy was ready to go on for Diane, but she eventually put me down...though not before I gave her a big kiss!
This is me with the host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart. I was just asking him where his little boy was when this picture was taken (he is much better at posing then me!). This was taken at a book signing for "America (The Book)" written by Jon and the Daily Show writers. There were 14 writers there - if writing is that hard I am not sure I want to learn! - and they all signed my book. Daddy and mommy really like his show, but all of the humor goes right over my head. Maybe one day I can have a playdate with his son.
This is me with Lieutenant Patrick Kelly of the N.Y.P.D Mounted Unit. He sent me an email saying that he read about me and wanted to know if I would like to meet him and his horse, Jack Frost. Daddy and I met them at the Police Stable at Chelsea Piers. First, Lieutenant Kelly took me to meet all of the horses and there are a lot of them! They were all very nice and very pretty. They let me pet them and even give them kisses! Then I met Jack Frost. He is 19 hands high! (That is about six foot four inches tall) I was a little scared when daddy handed me up to Lieutenant Kelly for a little ride, but I got over it very quickly. We rode around a ring at the stables and it was a lot of fun. I even got to hold the reins! After my ride, he gave me a Lieutenant's Badge. So now you can call me Lieutenant Jeremy!