Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 8
My daddy says that Peter Scolari is one of the nicest people in show business. For really cool people, you will remember him in "Bosom Buddies" with Tom Hanks. Cool people will remember him from "Newhart" with Bob Newhart and everyone else will know him from the tons of film, TV and stage performances he has done. My daddy worked with him in a movie called "Camp Nowhere" and on "Newhart" where Peter taught him how to juggle! I met him outside of the show "Sly Fox" where he is presently performing and he was just as nice as my daddy says!
First, I would like to thank all of the little people....Hey wait a minute, I am a little people!

This is me and Oscar. One of our neighbors, Leon Gast, won this Oscar for his documentary of the 1974 heavyweight championship bout in Zaire between champion George Foreman and underdog challenger Muhammad Ali. Leon is very nice and let my daddy take a picture of me holding the statuette for my site. After we took the picture, Leon said that he hoped that it would not be the last Oscar that I ever hold!

Many people think that all I do is get taken around and meet celebrities, well nothing could be further from the truth! My mommy and daddy recently took me to a Yankee game and then took me to a Brooklyn Cyclone's game in Coney Island. The Brooklyn Cyclones are the New York Mets farm team and I was lucky enough to meet Miss Met - she was dressed up for a Halloween in July promotion. The game was lots of fun and I clapped and danced all evening in the bleachers. The Cyclones did not win, but I will be back cause I really enjoy going to these baseball games!
This is Marlee Matlin and me, giving a big smile! I guess I am smiling so big because Marlee knew who I was! She had read about me or seen me on TV. Now, I hope that she willl visit the website. Marlee and I met at The National Toddlers Convention in New York. The "convention" was to promote the new Pampers "Feel 'n Learn" diapers. Daddy says that these diapers will help me to learn how to be potty trained.

Marlee won an Oscar, like the one I am holding in another picture on this page, for a great movie called "Children of a Lesser God." She has starred in numerous films and TV shows including playing "Joey" Lucas on "The West Wing" with Bradley Whitford. She has also been on Sesame Street with Billy Joel and on Blues Clues as Marlee the Librarian. She is so busy that you would never believe that she has 4 kids under 8 years old, but as you can see, she is very comfortable holding a kid!

You never know who you will run into at the ATM! This is Fred Armisen who is a featured player on "Saturday Night Live." Now I am too young to stay up that late, but my daddy tells me that he is a very funny man. He was very nice to me, not only posing, but telling my dad to call him "Fred." He was also in the movie "Anchorman" which my mommy and daddy enjoyed very much. He is just one of the many interesting people that live in my neighborhood.
If ever a name fit a person, Richard Kind's does. He bikes around New York, but was "kind" enough to stop and pose with me while on his way to work in the Broadway show, "Sly Fox." With a smile like that, it was very hard for me to look at the camera!

You may know Richard from the TV shows "Mad about You" or "Spin City" but I know him from his vocal work in "A Bug's Life." It is great to meet someone who is talented and nice

B.D.Wong is what they call a jack of all trades. I met him while he was directing and acting in a new movie called "Social Grace" right in my neighborhood! "My mommy and daddy know him from his acting on "Oz" and "Law and Order," but he won a Tony Award for his work in "M Butterfly" and has written a book called "Following Foo: the electronic adventures of the Chestnut Man", a memoire detailing the journey that he and longtime life partner, Richie Jackson, made towards parenthood with the assistance of a surrogate mother. He and his partner welcomed their son, Jackson Foo Wong, on 28 May, 2000, making him just 22 months older than me! B.D. also told me that Jackson was a big Thomas the Tank Engine Fan as well!
This is the actress/comedianne, Margaret Cho. We met while she was acting in the Film, "Social Grace," that B.D. Wong is directing. Margaret was the star of the first sitcom to feature an all Asian-American cast (which was based on her own life and stand-up comedy act.)She has also done a number of comedy specials. My daddy says that she is REALLY funny. She made me smile when we met and I hope that one day I will see her comedy and she can make me laugh as well.
For those of you who have been visiting my site for a while, you may recognize these two gentlemen as The Barber Brothers (Tike and Ronde) from the NFL. They were the first celebrities I had my picture taken with way back in 2002 when I was just 4 months old! Well, now they have a book out and I have a signed copy and a new picture! The book is called "By My Brothers Side" and my daddy thinks that I will enjoy it as I get older. I am sure that I will!
This is Debra Messing from the TV show "Will & Grace." She and the rest of the cast were signing their new book, "Will & Grace, Fabulously Uncensored" at Barnes and Noble. Eric McCormack was sitting to her left, but someone moved in front of my daddy when he was trying to get a shot with both Debra and Eric :-(. It turns out a friend of daddy;s from high school designed the book (and the show's opening credits) talk about your small worlds!
This is Sean Hayes, holding me, and Megan Mullally. They play Jack and Karen on "Will & Grace" and were very friendly to me and the several hundred people who were at the book signing. They have also both hosted Saturday Night Live, which my daddy loves! There were a lot of people waiting on line to meet the cast, but the folks at Barnes and Noble were very nice to everyone (as always) and the line moved very quickly!
This is the rapper, Ice-T. He is also an actor and plays Odafin Tutuola on the show "Law & Order: SVU." They were filming an episode in our neighborhood so daddy took me over and we got some new pictures for our website! It was a lot of fun cause I could run around the street while we were waiting as it was closed off for the filming. Everyone was very nice to me and my daddy and some people had already heard about us! We met lots of the cast members, so make sure to check out their pictures as well.