Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 6
Can you believe that I met Clifford again? This time it was his birthday and I was able to sing Happy Birthday to him (well most of it, anyway.) Clifford was great! He gave me a poster that I hung up in my room and I also got a cute Clifford magnet. Mommy and daddy put him up on the door to the fridge. Just look at the size of Clifford! He really is a BIG red dog.
This is me with John Lithgow. He was signing his new book, "A Lithgow Palooza." I don't really know what that head is on the table with us, but I called it a "bobbely head" and thought that it was very funny. Mr. Lithgow was nice and daddy says that his book with keep me busy (he hopes) for many years to come.
The answer is: Alex Trebek
The question is: Who is that with Jeremy?

This may not be my best picture, but it was the only shot that my daddy could get at Mr. Trebek's book signing at Barnes and Noble. Mr. Trebek seems to be a very nice man, though he looks a little surprised to see me! Daddy watches Jeopardy every night and says that if I watch it I can learn a lot! I watch it, but I think I am a little too young to understand it yet!

This is Paula Abdul and my daddy. People have sent lots of emails trying to figure out who my daddy is - well, it's not really that hard! We went to meet Paula Abdul because she did the choreography for the movie "Private School." That was the first movie my dad was in (He does not act anymore!) Paula remembered him because that was her first movie too. They were all smiles, but I was tired and just wanted to play with the toys on the table. The toys weren't trains, but they were fun!
On May 11th, my daddy and I flew out to Los Angeles to be on the Wayne Brady Show. The flight was fun, we were picked up at the airport by a car and driver and we stayed in a hotel that had a pool on the roof! I could get used to this kind of life! The next day, we were driven to CBS, Television City. People were really nice to me and my dad. They really made a fuss over me. Here is a picture of the door of my "dressing room."
So here I am in the guest seat at The Wayne Brady Show! Wayne talked with my daddy and then asked if he could take a picture with me. I went over the guest chair, Wayne sat in his seat and here is the result. I was a little taken aback by the whole experience - all of the people, the lights and all of the noise. In fact, just a half hour after this was taken, I was asleep!! I did not get to take a picture with the other guests, Barry Manilow or Anna Nicole Smith, but I will be in LA for a few more days and who know who I will bump into!
This is Sofia Stridsman. You probably won't know her, but she is the US correspondent for Expressen, a very big Swedish Newspaper. She came over to my house to interview my daddy about our website and she brought along a photographer to take pictures of me! She said that lots of people in Sweden will read about me and I hope that we get lots of emails! She was very funny and let me climb on her back to take this picture. A big Hej to all my Swedish friends!!
Getting up at 5:30 in the morning is not easy, especially when you usually sleep till 9am! But that is when I had to get up to be on The Weekend Today Show. We had a car pick us up but I was very tired and very cranky for the first hour or so. I think that my mommy and daddy were worried how I would behave on live TV, but I did ok. Here is a picture of me in Hair and Makeup. I had real bedhead and they had to spritz me up a little bit!
This is Lester Holt, from The Weekend Today Show. While Hoda Kotb was interviewing my dad, I got up and started running around the studio. Mr. Holt made sure that I didn't hurt myself and brought me back to the couch where I posed with him for a picture. My dad's interview lasted nearly five minutes, but most of that was watching me run around! Still, while I was tired, it was alot of fun and all of the people there were very sweet to me!
It was The West Wing on the East Coast when I met Bradley Whitford here in New York. He is filming a movie called "Little Manhattan" in our neighborhood and daddy and I stopped by to say hello. He could not have been nicer to us and welcomed me with open arms. It was also kind of cool, because my daddy went to college with Allison Janney, who is also on West Wing. (If you ask me, I think that he has his hair colored for this part, but I guess actors do that!)
Gene Hackman has made 82 films and won two Oscars! He may not look happy here because he just finished autographing his new book for a room full of people - and the room was warm, but he was very nice to everyone there! This was taken at Barnes and Noble here in New York and the people there always run these events so well. Mr. Hackman answered questions from people before the signing and there were a lot of people in that room. Daddy says that when I get older there are a lot of Mr. Hackman's movies that I will enjoy.
This is me with New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer. Some people think that he may be the next Governor of New York. I think that would be great, but I won't be able to vote till 2020! We met him during Museum Mile, when they close 5th Avenue to traffic. He was just walking down the street when we saw him and as you can see, he was very cool. Yes, I do think he would make a neat Governor!